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Mattice Law Offices represent people of Solano Napa and Contra Costa County, California looking to resolve issues in their lives with intelligent legal guidance.  Our law firm is located in Fairfield CA.

The firm concentrates its practice on several areas of the law:

Our family and personal injury attorneys practice law in order to help people maneuver through difficult situations-intact and without compromising their integrity.  When you partner with Mattice Law Offices, you partner with lawyers committed to protecting your property, your family, and your financial interests.

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Grounds for Divorce in California
In California, grounds for divorce—legally termed disolution of marriage—are covered in the California Family Code Section 2310-2313. The two grounds for disolution of marriage or legal separation in California are irreconcilable differences that have caused the irremediable breakdown of the marriage and incurable insanity. Read more

Steps to Make Your Personal Injury Lawsuit Stronger After an Accident
The actions that you take in the aftermath of an accident—whether it is a car accident, a slip and fall accident, or some other kind—can tremendously impact the course and outcome of any insurance claims or lawsuits that stem from the accident. Once everyone involved in the accident has received sufficient medical attention for their injuries, you should begin looking ahead to the possibility of a personal injury lawsuit and the actions you can take to strengthen your potential case. Read more

California Child Support Guidelines
How is child support determined in California? Under California law, all child support orders must be calculated using the same statewide guidelines. While a court ultimately decides the child support amount for each case, you can calculate a reasonable estimate of the amount of child support you owe to your child’s other parent or the amount the other parent owes you by using the California Guideline Child Support Calculator… Read more

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