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what to look for family law firm

What to Look for in a Family Law Firm

Solano County family attorneys serving Fairfield, Vacaville and Napa areas

If you are looking for a family law firm in Solano County, you should consider a number of factors before selecting a firm to represent you in your divorce proceedings, mediation process, child custody case, child support request, or any other family legal matter.

Credibility and location

It is important to look for a family law attorney in Solano County who is known and respected in your community and local courts. An attorney who practices in the area where you reside has a greater understanding of the processes and procedures of your county court system. For example, attorneys with a Napa family law firm will know the clerks and judges in the Napa area and can prepare your case and court documents in accordance with past experience with the judges.

Understanding and availability

Divorce can be an emotionally difficult process for the entire family. It is essential you find a family law attorney who is available to answer your questions and be there for you as you work through the process. Your attorney should also listen to your needs and understand the resolution you want to achieve. Retaining a divorce lawyer in Vacaville if you live near Vacaville, for instance, may mean your attorney is more assessible to you.

Services you need

Be sure to select Solano County family law attorneys who can provide the services you want and need. If you are interested in mediating a divorce settlement, select a law firm that has attorneys who are mediators. Conversely, if you need to litigate your divorce, locate a firm that has experienced litigators on staff. If you need help with child custody or child support, be sure the law firm understands the needs of children through the divorce process.

Fees and payment terms

Hire the best family law attorney you can afford. Be sure to review the legal fees and payment terms of the law firm you select—some firms are more flexible in their fees and payment terms than others. Be sure you understand when payment will be expected of you, so you can plan accordingly.

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The family law attorneys at Mattice Law Offices guide families through the emotional divorce process with skilled legal advice and compassionate understanding. We work to achieve the resolution you want through our knowledge of the California laws and Solano County court processes. Our attorneys are experienced in all areas of family law and are available to discuss your needs and determine the best approach to take for your divorce. Contact us today.

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